This three-fold ministry is being developed in Malawi to provide an opportunity for kids to experience knowing God through Christ, be disciplined and to be active in Christian service.

The purpose and plan God has for Malawian children is to bring His glory to their nation as they walk in His light using their gifts and talents to embrace the challenges of life where God placed them to impact their family, friends, school, community, nation and nations in the world with God’s love and truth. To be a V-Factor for God’s Kingdom, a voice and vessel God can use and to live a victorious life.

The goals for this ministry are to establish effective children’s ministries, child evangelism programs and children’s prayer network.

The strategies are to train children’s workers, parents and prayer mobilizers nation wide to reach children with the gospel and teach them God’s Word and to be their role-models and mentors following Christ.

And to develop an effective leadership structure in the local churches to embrace children’s needs

-Children’s Ministry Leader and Coworker

-Child Evangelist and Coworker

-Children’s Prayer Network Leaders and Coworker

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